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Mexico is the #1 travel destination for Americans with approximately 20 Million annual visitors. Mexico Truth is dedicated to correcting misinformation about Mexico and the inappropriate Travel warnings against Mexico. On the pages of this site you will read and learn the truth about Mexico and why Mexico continues to be a safe and exciting travel destination.

Mexico's Most Popular Destinations - TULUM


Tulum is located at 38miles / 62km) south of Playa del Carmen (45 minutes) and 77miles / 124km south of Cancun (90 minutes). The tourist area is now divided into three main areas: the archaeological site, the town and the hotel zone.

The archaeological site and the vestiges are located on 39ft / 12m cliffs, along the east coast, on the Caribbean Sea in the State of Quintana Roo. The Tulum archaeological site is called “The Walled Maya City” due the walls surrounding the site, which allowed the Tulum Fort to serve as a defense against invasion. The archaeological site is relatively compact, compared with many other Maya sites, and is one of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites.

Tulum is the third most-visited archaeological site in México, after Teotihuacan (in the State of México) and Chichen Itza (in the State of Yucatan).

The little town of Tulum is slowly developing until to turn into one of the nine borough council of the state of Quintana Roo, it offers various services as a small city. There are several very good local restaurants and a few on the beach. This is where many of the locals live, whose work in the nearby resorts and hotels.

The Tulum hotel zone is divided in two. The first are the hotels located on the 307 Highway, where most of All Inclusive resorts can be found, with a lot of facilities and nice accommodations. The second zone runs from a detour of the Tulum town to the south, on the Caribbean Sea coastline, until Punta Allen. Along this area you will find a lot of ecological cabins, small seafood restaurants and some campsites. The place is always enjoyed by environmentalists, couples and mostly European.

If you want to disconnected from the urban world, finding pace, sun, beautiful beaches and relax…escape to Tulum