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Mexico is the #1 travel destination for Americans with approximately 20 Million annual visitors. Mexico Truth is dedicated to correcting misinformation about Mexico and the inappropriate Travel warnings against Mexico. On the pages of this site you will read and learn the truth about Mexico and why Mexico continues to be a safe and exciting travel destination.

Mexico's Most Popular Destinations - MANZANILLO


Manzanillo is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the nation. It is located on the Pacific coast, 90 km (56 mi) south of state capital Colima. The climate is warm and fairly dry, with an average year-round temperature of 27º C (81º F).

Manzanillo is known as the Sailfish Capital of the World. Since 1957, it has hosted important national and international fishing competitions, such as the Dorsey Tournament, making it a very attractive fishing destination.

At the beaches of Miramar and La Audiencia, which have fine sand and gentle slopes, you can participate in various aquatic sports including scuba diving and snorkeling. At the hotels and at Las Hadas Marina, you can hire a yacht to enjoy the sun and the region’s incredible scenery along the bays of Manzanillo and Santiago. The ride affords you an excellent view of the hills covered with lush vegetation, which are ideal spots for ecotourism outings, camping and adventure sports.

In Manzanillo you’ll find modern Mediterranean- Moorish- and Mexican-style hotel resorts. This destination also has three world-class golf courses, some of which are surrounded by lagoons and mountains, and offer an ocean view. These courses offer everything you’ll need to enjoy an excellent day on the links.

As you explore the downtown area you’ll find numerous restaurants serving regional cuisine. At some of the markets, you can buy all kinds of crafts, including hammocks and necklaces made from seashells. In addition, you’ll come across a fair share of bars and cafes, where you can chat with friends and enjoy an interesting night out. During your stay, don’t forget to visit the boardwalk, the Obregon Garden and the Monumento al Pez Vela (Sailfish Monument), a spectacular work of art created by sculptor Sebastian. These attractions and much more make Manzanillo an unforgettable destination.