Why Mexico?

Mexico is the NUMBER ONE vacation destination for U.S. citizens, with approximately 20 million U.S. citizen visitors
per year and an additional 1 million U.S. citizens living in Mexico. The reasons are lengthy, but here are just a few:



The strength of the U.S. dollar cannot be overstated, which is normally around 12-to-1 and better. In fact, it is more economical to vacation in Mexico than many U.S. domestic options, making it the only feasible vacation option for many Americans during a bad U.S. economy. Why travel where the U.S. Dollar is weak and the locals are hostile towards Americans? It just makes no sense. Mexico is affordable and the Mexican people appreciate U.S. tourism!

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Beautiful People

Mexico has warm and friendly people, they are family orientated and very religious. They are not materialistic and are content with a simple balance of family, religion and modest living. They are a passive and happy people. They will give you the shirt off their back. While they are intelligent, creative and impressive entrepreneurs, they are content moving at a slower pace than Americans. Many Americans visit Mexico because of the Mexican people and the slower pace. It’s a perfect escape from the unsustainable pace forced on many Americans back in the U.S. Although the Mexico people may not be as materialistic as Americans, we encourage Americans to tip generously when visiting Mexico and to appreciate and respect the Mexico people.



The culture and history of Mexico lures many of the U.S. tourists. Dating back to the fourteenth century Aztecs, Mexico is rich with remnants from its past. See “Facts About Mexico” and “Mexico’s Most Popular Destinations” for more information.


English Speaking and Modern

English is spoken fluently in all of Mexico’s major tourist locations. The resorts in Mexico are some of the most magnificent in the entire world. A visitor can choose from a cultural experience or a fully Americanized mega resort. Options include all-inclusive and non all-inclusive resorts, hotels and boutique properties.


Beautiful, Romantic, Relaxing and Active

Mexico is a beautiful country with some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Visitors can enjoy a romantic and/or relaxing vacation remembered for the rest of their lives, or they can participate in virtually any activity they like. From whale watching, to parasailing, to world renowned snorkeling and scuba diving, to surfing, horseback riding on the beach, and more. You just name it and Mexico will provide it at a fraction of the cost anywhere else!



Mexico is very convenient for U.S. travelers, with an excellent selection of flights between the U.S. and Mexico daily. Mexico borders the United States in the north, Guatemala and Belize in the south, the Pacific Ocean in the west, and the Gulf of Mexico in the east.



The climate in Mexico is a big attraction for Americans. The major tourist locations are along the coast and are warm year-round. Inland communities at higher elevations such as Guadalajara (5200 ft above sea level) and in particular close-by Lake Chapala, are much dryer and more temperate. Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico), with its much higher elevation of 7545.93 ft (2300 sq meters) above sea level, can reach freezing temperatures in the winter. You'll be surprised to find snow-capped volcanoes. San Miguel de Allende also experiences colder winters due to its close proximity to Mexico City.



Yes safety! Mexico is a friendly ally to the U.S. (also see “Facts about Mexico”). Mexico is one of the SAFEST country’s an American can visit! In fact, Mexico is safer than many U.S. cities and the tourist areas within Mexico are safer than most major U.S. cities. US-Mexico Tourism Alliance cautions Americans to beware of U.S. media stories when they sensationalize and “spin” crime stories regarding Mexico. Most mature, well-traveled Americans will be the first to point out that the U.S. media is the least accurate and most bias in the world. We all remember when the U.S. media wrongly blamed Mexico for the Swine Flu (H1N1), as just one example. And did you know that most U.S. citizens killed in Mexico were involved in illicit activities? It would nice to be able to say that about visitors killed within the U.S., but we cannot. The inaccuracies go on and on. Instead, look at the crime facts regarding Mexico:


When comparing Mexico to other countries in specific criminal activity, the results show Mexico is SAFER. The below statistics are per 100,000 inhabitants. (Sources: National Security Council 2009, International Source: Nation Master/ CIA, Population: CONAPO 2009, National Average = Media Nacional. Unreported Crime Percentage should be considered when comparing to Western Europe, USA, Canada and Japan)