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Robin G 1/25/2012

My trip to Acapulco was a great introduction to this lovely country. The beach was beautiful, the view wonderful and the food was flavorful. I was there for five days and I found myself worry free regarding my safety. I only left Mexico a few weeks ago and am already planning my next trip.

Alexis Morris 1/25/2012

We have been 12 times to tourist destinations in Mexico & never felt safer. Just don't be silly & you will be fine. I get a kick out of Texans here saying "Aren't ya'll scared going to Mexico?" MMmmm. Let me see. 3 people killed in Houston 2 weekends ago. I'm not the smartest gal in the world but seems like I have a bigger chance of getting killed at home. So go and have fun. Tourism in the key destinations is primary. The people & the police make it safer than most major cities in North America.

Stephanie T 1/25/2012

Not long ago I visited Cancun and I was so comfortable there that it felt like home. There is so much news about the crime and violence because of the drug cartels but I never saw any of this during my two week trip. I walked through the city during the day and night and I felt very safe. I must say that it was the safest and most relaxed walk I had in a long time. The Mexican culture is so wonderful and the native Mexicans are friendly and committed to help if you need it. It is a shame that he

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Gary 1/25/2012

I recently visited Mexico via cruise and found the ports full of sites and sounds, marvelous foods and lots to see. I was concerned about my time on land but found nothing to worry about. People were friendly and shopping was fun. I had read about the safety concerns but my travel agent told me things were fine, not to believe the politicians and I must admit, she was right. Viva Mexico!

Jose Luna 1/25/2012

I've just traveled to Mexico City Couple of weeks ago to visit family and had a great experience, the flights ran on time and the city looks great. I visited the Cathedral and the National Palace and had an awesome time! There was a lot of police and I felt very safe.

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