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Sign our petition to have the U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico downgraded and reworded. In it's current form, the Travel Warning is claiming there is more danger in traveling to Mexico than most any other country in the world. It is damaging the Travel Industry and negatively affecting the economies of the USA and Mexico. The Travel Warning is incorrect because it:

  • Contains language which is overreaching
  • Treats the entire country as one single region
  • Falsely indicates that the violence occurring in specific areas is occurring throughout the entire country
  • Is applied to Mexico in a prejudiced manner not in accordance with the rules of the United States Foreign Affairs Manual

To support the downgrading and rewording of this U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico, act now by signing the petition below! This petition will be sent to the applicable Government entities and elected officials best suited to correct the inappropriateness of the U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico.

To learn more about this issue, click here to Read The Brief.

U.S. State Department
Washington, D.C.

Subject: U.S. Travel warning against Mexico

To the State Department:

Your department has issued several Travel Warnings against Mexico over the last several years, which are inaccurate and concerning. Although we fully appreciate your good intentions, please consider the following points: The Travel Warning is inaccurately applied to Mexico according to the criteria set forth in the Foreign Affairs Manual.

The Travel Warning is overreaching in its language and definition. Although the language within your NEW Travel Warning issued February 08, 2012 is more accurate, it remains too broadly worded.

We the undersigned request the following changes be made:
Downgrade the disclosure of information regarding the violence within Mexico FROM a "Travel Warning" TO disclosures within the "Country Specific Information" document.

Reword the language within the warnings against Mexico to be more specific as to the affected areas (e.g. whenever a state is referenced, indicate the distance from major tourist area, etc.). Additionally, when making disclosures in compliance with the No Double Standards policy, please preface each statement as follows… "Under the U.S. No Double Standard policy we are required to notify you when a change in security policy regarding U.S. government employees has been implemented. As such, please be advised that…"

If Mexico is to remain in the Travel Warning category, please reword your language within the "Current Travel Warnings" document FROM "Mexico" TO "Mexico (select areas)". By identifying Mexico within this document as "Mexico", this falsely indicates that violence in Mexico is occurring throughout the entire country, which is incorrect. When reviewing this document, we see that you extend this consideration to Israel by listing Israel as "Israel (the West Bank and Gaza)". We ask for the same consideration for Mexico.

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