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We would like to thank our partners listed below and would ask that you visit their sites to see the great information and travel options they can provide to you so you to can experience Mexico’s finest.

1. Mexico Image Commitee
2. MRE Coalition
3. U.S. Mexico Tourism Alliance


Craig Morganson

CEO, President, Manager
Holiday Systems International ASG Mexico, among others

Hugo Eduardo Torres Chamber

Rosarito Beach Hotel Owner
Rosarito Beach Hotel

Jean-Loup Bitterlin

President of the Hotel Association of Ensenada, Mexico
Hotel Association of Ensenada

Vivian Scott

Professor, School of Business Ashford University and Everest College

Xavier Riva

Director of International Affairs and Foreign Investments
Hotel Association of Ensenada

Christopher Hill

Title Latin America

Juan Tintos Funcke

State Secretariat of Tourism

Felizardo Palacios

Marketing Director
State Secretariat of Tourism

Gerardo Delgado

Sales Manager
Hotel Pueblo Amigo

Francisco Armand

Undersecretary of Innovation and Quality
Secretariat of Tourism

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Hernandez

Secretary of Tourism
Secretariat of Tourism

Juan Tintos

Secretary of Tourism
Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California Mexico

Daniel Torres

Rosarito Beach Hotel

Raymundo Leon

Travel Consultant

Juan Saldaña

Baja-Usa Liason
FPPTT (Fondo para la promoción Turistica de Tijuana)

Alan Bautista

Cotuco, Comité de Turismo y Convenciones (Conventions and Visitors Bureau)

Mariano Lemus

Consul General of Mexico
Consulate of Mexico in Las Vegas

Catalina Cárdenas

Department of Economic Promotion
Consulate of Mexico in Las Vegas

Omar Dipp

Representing Mexicali Convis

Laura Wong

Sister Cities Coordinator

Kathy Katz


Lic. Manuel Padres

Rosarito Beach Hotel Assoc.

Mariano Escobedo

Tijuana Convis

Ken Bell

US Baja Resident Coordinator

Armando Carrasco

Rosarito Convis President

Jim Labelle

International Insurance Group, Inc.

Francisco Córdova

Chairman of the Board
Consejo Coordinador Empresarial del Caribe (CCE)

Pat Butler

El Dorado Ranch – San Felipe

Jorge Gamboa

Mexico Tourism Board - Los Angeles

Gabriel Juarez

Mexico Tourism Board - Los Angeles

Erika Garcia

CEO, President
Yucatan Holidays

Juan I Blanco

Managing Director Mexico Office
LeadDog Marketing Group

How to become a Partner in our Mexico Image Committee

We welcome those who want to join our effort by becoming a Partner and contributing to the success of this important initiative. Partners are actively bringing media attention to this cause, spending money promoting the website, publishing factual data and distributing positive information about the fight to correct the Travel Warning against Mexico.

Partner requests are reviewed and accepted based on the following criteria:
  • a. Ability to contribute to the Image Committee with time and resources through financial, political, or social means
  • b. A person of standing in the community
  • c. Business reputation

To get started, please fill out the form below and hit submit.

Thank you for your assistance with moving this effort forward. Together we can make a difference!

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